job interview

I have a job interview tomorrow morning. I’m excited about it. The lady I talked to today was very personable, and made me feel very comfortable. She was ok with the unemployment and before that school that have kept me out of the workplace for a while. She seemed to think that my previous work experience would be appropriate for her job. The pay would be a little lower than I have been hoping for, but considering that I’m currently not getting paid at all, it will be a welcome improvement.

I’m really excited about this one. I feel like it’s time for our luck to turn. We’re so close to the end of the line that our luck has to turn if we’re going to survive much longer without moving back in with parents or something equally demoralizing. But that’s not going to have to happen, because I have a strong feeling that this may be the break I’ve been waiting for.

I know right where the place is. I’ve been aware of the place for quite a while, even if I’ve never been there before. I’m to arrive tomorrow dressed for an interview, with my driver license, social security card, and references list. There will be some computer skills testing, followed by an interview. At some point they will also do a credit and background check, which of course I am not worried about.

Pray for me. Hopefully this will be our lifeline.

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