baby baby

Kristie had her babies today. Everyone is healthy, though Debbie said Kristie is pretty uncomfortable. Each baby is very close to 5 pounds. That’s 10 pounds of baby poor Kristie was carrying! Debbie came in today for a short while after Kristie had gone to the hospital, and got everyone’s phone numbers so she could call us and let us know how everything went. When Debbie called this evening, George and Stuart made fun of me because I speak with more of a southern accent to my coworkers.

I’m so excited for Kristie and her whole clan. Aaron and Alissa, are their names, I think.

Now we’re just wondering if Stephanie has gotten married while she’s on her vacation. That would make plenty of juicy office gossip to go around for a while. 🙂 It sure is fun to have girls to talk to again!

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