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The Worst Place To Live

Yesterday I checked the mail and found something rather absurd. Inside an envelope addressed in bright blue glitter ink was the top half of the check, bill, and envelope I sent two weeks ago to pay the water bill, with a pink sticky note asking me to send another check because “the post office had a mishap.” Today when I got home from work there was a note hanging on our door saying our water had been turned off, and we would have to pay our bill plus $40 to have it turned back on again.

They made no serious attempt to contact us for repayment. They didn’t make any effort to flag our account as a special circumstance for late payment. We had clearly tried to pay the bill, and it’s only 10 days late anyway, but we’re being treated like criminals because the post office ripped our bill in half. They’ve got a $100 deposit from us, it seems like they could have at least given us credit for a couple days based on that.

I’m so furious. My incredibly high opinion of Morrisville as a place to live has been replaced with a feeling of extreme urgency to move somewhere that won’t cut off essential services over $32. I don’t think I can live in a place where they cut off your water every time the post office destroys or misplaces your mail, which has happened way too frequently around here anyway.

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