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ducks and tulips

I’ve been painting on my bathroom walls.

I did these by making a stencil of the duck on my shower curtain.

This one is from a chunky stamp we picked up the other day.

Here are some pictures of the socks I’m knitting for an online friend.

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job status update

Still no official word from the interview last week. I called her this morning, and she said she hadn’t heard back. It’s a temp agency, so my first interview was with the agency, and then I should have an interview with the client. She said she didn’t know what was going on with the client, but she sounded like she hadn’t counted me out yet.

She set me up in their system as a temp so until we hear back I can do temp work, and if I don’t get the position I can continue to do so.

Yesterday I went in to do some computer training on Microsoft products such as Word and Excel. It went well enough. I was surprised at how much I already knew, and how much wasn’t covered by the training. It was a good refresher in any case, and I want to go back and retake the skills tests to improve my scores.

Optimism is the key my friends. I’m not out yet on this one, and I have faith that it’s going to work out one way or another.

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new email address

In response to my hatred for Earthlink, I finally set up an email account for xarasgarden. I think I will be switching to it gradually so that I can break the ties to the bastard company sometime in the future. Therefore, you may change your address books to my new email addy. It’s

< myname at xarasgarden dot org >

where ‘myname’ is my first name.

Please note that I hope to keep this address spam-free, so don’t go sharing it or adding me to your list of weekly mass email funnies or anything. Any violation of this address will provoke my wrath.

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job interview

I have a job interview tomorrow morning. I’m excited about it. The lady I talked to today was very personable, and made me feel very comfortable. She was ok with the unemployment and before that school that have kept me out of the workplace for a while. She seemed to think that my previous work experience would be appropriate for her job. The pay would be a little lower than I have been hoping for, but considering that I’m currently not getting paid at all, it will be a welcome improvement.

I’m really excited about this one. I feel like it’s time for our luck to turn. We’re so close to the end of the line that our luck has to turn if we’re going to survive much longer without moving back in with parents or something equally demoralizing. But that’s not going to have to happen, because I have a strong feeling that this may be the break I’ve been waiting for.

I know right where the place is. I’ve been aware of the place for quite a while, even if I’ve never been there before. I’m to arrive tomorrow dressed for an interview, with my driver license, social security card, and references list. There will be some computer skills testing, followed by an interview. At some point they will also do a credit and background check, which of course I am not worried about.

Pray for me. Hopefully this will be our lifeline.

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Movable Type Clients

Does anybody know of any good client programs that can be used with MT? I find the web interface cumbersome to use for posting, but for administration its fine.

A MacOSX version is probably best. A Linux version might be ok. A web program probably isn’t going to be sufficient as I hate typing into those terrible little text boxes. Free is required.

Possible programs that I’ve found Archipelago, EspressoBlog, and Kung-Log. Anything that works with Blogger or MetaWeblog is supposed to work.

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a paying gig

I’m going to be knitting a pair of socks for an internet friend, and I’m getting paid for it!

I found these socks and just _had_ to make them. I got the yarn on Friday, and I’ve been working on them this weekend.

So last night a person from my online knitting community said she wanted a pair of those socks, and knew she didn’t have time to make them before the tulip festival in April. She was offering to pay 3x the cost of materials for the socks, and I took her offer. I’m so excited! It’s my first paid knitting job.

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knitting kitty

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cats and knitting

cats like to play with balls of yarn while I knit.

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First Post

Welcome to the new xara’s Garden. Now powered by Movable Type.

The site is not yet completely configured, expect frequent changes.

We welcome your comments.

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