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Charlie’s allergist appointment was today. On the whole it went rather well. Charlie was as cooperative as a baby could be expected under those circumstances. He only whined a little while they were doing the scratch, but was easily distracted once it was done. Then he proceeded to walk me all around the office, flirting with every nurse, technician, and receptionist he could find.

The doctor was particularly concerned about the barley based on what I described. He was not at all surprised about the potential milk allergies, as they are more common in babies and children. The results of the test gave us an all clear for barley. The doc said it was probably just a transient thing while his body was getting adapted to grains. The milk on the other hand produced a moderately strong reaction. We are under strict orders to avoid all contact with dairy for at least a year, and to come back for a check after that year. We are also not allowed to do any fish, eggs, or nuts for 2 years, shell fish and tree nuts for 3 years “just in case” since he has already shown signs of other allergies.

Last, but most certainly not least, we now have to carry an Epi-Pen for him at all times. Also “just in case.” He said it was highly unlikely that we would ever need it, but better to be on the safe side. I was instructed on how to use it, and the kit also came with a tester so you can practice and show others how to use it.

I have rather mixed feelings about the results. On the one hand, I’m glad that I was able to spot the milk allergy, and glad that we went to the allergist to get it confirmed. I’m also glad that we know barley should be ok now. On the other hand, I’m frustrated with this milk allergy. They want us to really stay away from all dairy products, so I’m going to have to read every label, and be even more picky about what I let people feed him. Also, how in the world will George and I ever be able to feed Charlie the meals we eat when we can’t give him any cheese, milk, sour cream, or yogurt? Seriously, there are next to no meals that we prepare on a regular basis that don’t include some form of dairy. How do you say to a 3 year old “I’m sorry sweetie, I know you want some of what Mommy’s eating, but you’re allergic.” He already wants to eat whatever we’re eating, but I was hoping that things would get easier as he was exposed to more kinds of food.


Where does the time go?

It’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded any pictures. Part of the problem is that we got a fancy new camera, and now our pictures are so big that it slows my poor computer to a grind to work with them.

Much news since the end of March. Probably the biggest news is that Charlie is quite the crawling master now. He can get just about anywhere he wants, and has become an expert at pulling books off of shelves and finding all manner of carpet lint and dirt, which are far too plentiful in our house.

He pulls up to a stand quite easily now. He can stand with only a tiny bit of help from something to hold onto or lean against. He’s trying to walk away from his supports, which has resulted in a number of minor falls and near misses. Actually the frequency of ‘bonks,’ which is what I say when he bumps his head, has decreased quite a bit now that his sitting, crawling, and standing skills are getting better.

He also has a mouth full of teeth now. He is currently cutting his 5th tooth. I sort of miss my big gummy smile, but I guess they grow up whether you want them to or not.

There are LOTS of pictures behind the cut, so if you’re on dial-up be prepared for a bit of a download.

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Grow baby grow!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I put anything here. Charlie is growing like crazy.

He sits up by himself now, which gives him a lot more play options, and thus gives me a lot more freedom too.

He started foods last week. He’s tried apples, rice cereal, prunes, and peas so far. I’m making most of his food at home, which is an interesting experience, and surprisingly easy.

He’s so incredibly close to crawling now too, which is amazing. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. Sometimes he goes head first into the floor. Sometimes he falls right down, and sometimes he travels backwards. Actually he does a fair bit of the travel backwards. He pushes with his arms and the rest of his body kind of slides along the floor with him. Any day now he’s going to get those arms and legs coordinated. When that happens, Watch out!

On to the pictures!!!
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Obligatory picture post


Holiday Merriment

Christmas this year was wonderful. We had a short visit with Nana and Pop (Verna and Jim) on Christmas Eve. It was a really nice time and the only down side was how very short it was. We don’t get nearly enough time with them these days.

I’d have to say the best thing this year about Christmas was seeing Granny (Pat) with Charlie. The two of them absolutely adore each other. Oh there were plenty of presents, and plenty of good food, but how can that compare to seeing my mother and my child having an absolute blast smiling at each other.

On to the pictures…
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A couple more

A couple more pictures, just because…
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Then and Now

An online group I read did a thing recently where they took pictures of their child now and compared them to a similar pose or outfit from when the baby was newborn. I thought that sounded like a fun idea to see how much things have changed. So, without further ado, I give you Then and Now…
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Doctor Visit

Yesterday Charlie had his two month doctor visit. (Don’t ask me why they scheduled his 2 month visit when he was nearly 3 months.) He did very well. Charlie got goods and greats on all the physical exam items. The doctor said that he’s right where he needs to be, and doing all the things a two month old should be doing. Growth was great as well. He’s 12 lb 13.25 oz and 24 1/4 inches. His birth weight was 7 lb 8 oz and he was 20.5 inches. That’s over 5 pounds and nearly 4 inches that he’s put on! What a big boy we have!

We saw Dr. Steele and he was wonderful. He did a great job of chatting with Charlie and making everything seem like fun. He did an unbelievable job at addressing my questions and at letting me know what he was doing with the exam. He explained what he found with the exam and what it meant. He asked all the right questions. Unfortunately Dr. Steele is based in the Apex office and doesn’t usually have appointments in Cary. I was so sure we’d found our regular doctor. I actually considered switching to Apex so we could see Dr. Steele again, he was that amazing.

After the exam the nurse came in to give his shots. He had 4 vaccines yesterday. The nurse asked me to hold his hands so he didn’t get them in the way while she gave the shots in his legs. He was smiling and happy and thought we were going to play when I got all close to his face and held his hands. It broke my heart when she gave the first shot. His face went from peaceful to a look of terror, he turned bright red and stopped breathing for a second, then gave the most heart-wrenching cry you’ve ever heard. He actually had tears in his eyes. (young babies don’t have functioning tear ducts, and his are just starting to work apparently) The nurse was super quick and professional. It was over in just a couple of seconds. She asked if we needed anything, and told us to take our time getting ready before she left us alone to calm down. My poor sweet boy. He really only cried for a few minutes. After a while I think he was just crying to be crying, and when he figured out it didn’t hurt that much anymore he calmed right down.

We were ok for a while. We went to get some groceries and he slept in his Snugli for most of that. After we got home he was feeling pretty bad. The shots can cause “fussiness and fever.” Having just had a tetanus shot myself I can testify that it makes you quite sore and uncomfortable. He spent most of yesterday either crying or sleeping. Mostly sleeping. When George got home I went out and got some infant Tylenol to help with the fever, and it really seemed to make him feel a lot better all around.

Today he’s back to his happy self. At the moment he’s cooing and looking at the keyboard, and occasionally pressing the space bar for me in the middle of a word. What a helpful boy! 😀


Smiling pics

Charlie is getting really good at the Smile For Me game. We got some pictures of it the other night.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings from the Mason clan! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with George’s family. Hope everyone else had as nice a day as we did!

Here are some photos of Charlie from the past week.
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