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new email address

In response to my hatred for Earthlink, I finally set up an email account for xarasgarden. I think I will be switching to it gradually so that I can break the ties to the bastard company sometime in the future. Therefore, you may change your address books to my new email addy. It’s

< myname at xarasgarden dot org >

where ‘myname’ is my first name.

Please note that I hope to keep this address spam-free, so don’t go sharing it or adding me to your list of weekly mass email funnies or anything. Any violation of this address will provoke my wrath.

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Movable Type Clients

Does anybody know of any good client programs that can be used with MT? I find the web interface cumbersome to use for posting, but for administration its fine.

A MacOSX version is probably best. A Linux version might be ok. A web program probably isn’t going to be sufficient as I hate typing into those terrible little text boxes. Free is required.

Possible programs that I’ve found Archipelago, EspressoBlog, and Kung-Log. Anything that works with Blogger or MetaWeblog is supposed to work.

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First Post

Welcome to the new xara’s Garden. Now powered by Movable Type.

The site is not yet completely configured, expect frequent changes.

We welcome your comments.

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