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Golfing Movie

We were at the beach this past week, and Charlie’s newfound favorite thing is golfing. George took some video of Charlie putting. Thought it might be fun to share.

Click here for the video.



It’s been a while since I put anything here. Charlie’s doing great. He turned 4 months this week. He’s making great progress with his motor skills and coordination.

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A test

Does this work?

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Baby Picture!

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Christmas Tree Pics

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The Worst Place To Live

Yesterday I checked the mail and found something rather absurd. Inside an envelope addressed in bright blue glitter ink was the top half of the check, bill, and envelope I sent two weeks ago to pay the water bill, with a pink sticky note asking me to send another check because “the post office had a mishap.” Today when I got home from work there was a note hanging on our door saying our water had been turned off, and we would have to pay our bill plus $40 to have it turned back on again.

They made no serious attempt to contact us for repayment. They didn’t make any effort to flag our account as a special circumstance for late payment. We had clearly tried to pay the bill, and it’s only 10 days late anyway, but we’re being treated like criminals because the post office ripped our bill in half. They’ve got a $100 deposit from us, it seems like they could have at least given us credit for a couple days based on that.

I’m so furious. My incredibly high opinion of Morrisville as a place to live has been replaced with a feeling of extreme urgency to move somewhere that won’t cut off essential services over $32. I don’t think I can live in a place where they cut off your water every time the post office destroys or misplaces your mail, which has happened way too frequently around here anyway.

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An Update

It’s been quite a while since I’ve remembered to update here. A lot has happened in the last two months.

Very shortly after my last post I was involved in a car accident, and my car was totaled. There’s so much I could say about it, but I’ll leave that to more personal communications. I could have had the car fixed, but it was going to cost a lot of money, and the car was old enough that the cost of repairs was starting to go up anyway so I opted for a new car. I am now the proud owner of a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe which I like most days.

Other news, much more recent, involves George’s employment situation. He spent this past week ‘consulting’ for a small company called Skinux, and has been tentatively offered a position with them, dependent upon an upcoming contract Skinux expects to get with XXXXX. Needless to say we are both very excited about this new opportunity.

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baby baby

Kristie had her babies today. Everyone is healthy, though Debbie said Kristie is pretty uncomfortable. Each baby is very close to 5 pounds. That’s 10 pounds of baby poor Kristie was carrying! Debbie came in today for a short while after Kristie had gone to the hospital, and got everyone’s phone numbers so she could call us and let us know how everything went. When Debbie called this evening, George and Stuart made fun of me because I speak with more of a southern accent to my coworkers.

I’m so excited for Kristie and her whole clan. Aaron and Alissa, are their names, I think.

Now we’re just wondering if Stephanie has gotten married while she’s on her vacation. That would make plenty of juicy office gossip to go around for a while. 🙂 It sure is fun to have girls to talk to again!

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