Doctor Visit

Yesterday Charlie had his two month doctor visit. (Don’t ask me why they scheduled his 2 month visit when he was nearly 3 months.) He did very well. Charlie got goods and greats on all the physical exam items. The doctor said that he’s right where he needs to be, and doing all the things a two month old should be doing. Growth was great as well. He’s 12 lb 13.25 oz and 24 1/4 inches. His birth weight was 7 lb 8 oz and he was 20.5 inches. That’s over 5 pounds and nearly 4 inches that he’s put on! What a big boy we have!

We saw Dr. Steele and he was wonderful. He did a great job of chatting with Charlie and making everything seem like fun. He did an unbelievable job at addressing my questions and at letting me know what he was doing with the exam. He explained what he found with the exam and what it meant. He asked all the right questions. Unfortunately Dr. Steele is based in the Apex office and doesn’t usually have appointments in Cary. I was so sure we’d found our regular doctor. I actually considered switching to Apex so we could see Dr. Steele again, he was that amazing.

After the exam the nurse came in to give his shots. He had 4 vaccines yesterday. The nurse asked me to hold his hands so he didn’t get them in the way while she gave the shots in his legs. He was smiling and happy and thought we were going to play when I got all close to his face and held his hands. It broke my heart when she gave the first shot. His face went from peaceful to a look of terror, he turned bright red and stopped breathing for a second, then gave the most heart-wrenching cry you’ve ever heard. He actually had tears in his eyes. (young babies don’t have functioning tear ducts, and his are just starting to work apparently) The nurse was super quick and professional. It was over in just a couple of seconds. She asked if we needed anything, and told us to take our time getting ready before she left us alone to calm down. My poor sweet boy. He really only cried for a few minutes. After a while I think he was just crying to be crying, and when he figured out it didn’t hurt that much anymore he calmed right down.

We were ok for a while. We went to get some groceries and he slept in his Snugli for most of that. After we got home he was feeling pretty bad. The shots can cause “fussiness and fever.” Having just had a tetanus shot myself I can testify that it makes you quite sore and uncomfortable. He spent most of yesterday either crying or sleeping. Mostly sleeping. When George got home I went out and got some infant Tylenol to help with the fever, and it really seemed to make him feel a lot better all around.

Today he’s back to his happy self. At the moment he’s cooing and looking at the keyboard, and occasionally pressing the space bar for me in the middle of a word. What a helpful boy! 😀

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