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A funny Charlie video

Jim and Verna had been lamenting last week that they’d never seen Charlie cry. Lo and behold 5 minutes after they left our company Charlie had a little crying spell and we had to test out our video camera so that we could prove to them that he does cry. If you want to see short vid of a baby crying take a look.

Charlie Crying


New Charlie Pictures

Here are some new pictures…
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Welcome Charles George!

Greetings from the wonderful world of parenthood. Pregnancy has been quite a bumpy ride and I am so happy to finally announce the arrival of our son Charles George.

Charlie was born a week ago today, October 2, 2005 at 1.14 am after 21 hours of labor. He was 7 lb 8 oz, and was 20.5 inches long. We spent two long boring days at the hospital, wherein the nurses tried really hard to get me to take some pain medicine and I kept telling them I didn’t have any pain, so I didn’t need it. Finally on Tuesday they let us come home.

Charlie is beautiful and perfect. We are so blessed to have him in our family.

Now on to the good part. I know you want to see some pictures!
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Nursery Pictures

Some nursery progress pictures…
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Fun Pictures

Here’s a good one of Tonya at Mt. Rushmore.

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Wonderful News

Joyous tidings from the job front today!

I applied and interviewed for a position last week with a small locally owned bank in Cary. So much time had gone by since I talked to them that I was afraid they had found someone else, but thankfully my fears were misplaced. Today I got a call offering me the position, paying nearly as much as I hoped for, plus good benefits.

I would venture to say that this is the most appealing position I’ve interviewed for through this long unemployment ordeal. I couldn’t be any happier that this is the one I got. The company has very admirable goals with respect to their services and customer relations. I look forward to becoming a part of a company that I genuinely respect. If they are anything like the vice president, with whom I interviewed, described I expect a very happy working relationship.

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new email address

In response to my hatred for Earthlink, I finally set up an email account for xarasgarden. I think I will be switching to it gradually so that I can break the ties to the bastard company sometime in the future. Therefore, you may change your address books to my new email addy. It’s

< myname at xarasgarden dot org >

where ‘myname’ is my first name.

Please note that I hope to keep this address spam-free, so don’t go sharing it or adding me to your list of weekly mass email funnies or anything. Any violation of this address will provoke my wrath.

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job interview

I have a job interview tomorrow morning. I’m excited about it. The lady I talked to today was very personable, and made me feel very comfortable. She was ok with the unemployment and before that school that have kept me out of the workplace for a while. She seemed to think that my previous work experience would be appropriate for her job. The pay would be a little lower than I have been hoping for, but considering that I’m currently not getting paid at all, it will be a welcome improvement.

I’m really excited about this one. I feel like it’s time for our luck to turn. We’re so close to the end of the line that our luck has to turn if we’re going to survive much longer without moving back in with parents or something equally demoralizing. But that’s not going to have to happen, because I have a strong feeling that this may be the break I’ve been waiting for.

I know right where the place is. I’ve been aware of the place for quite a while, even if I’ve never been there before. I’m to arrive tomorrow dressed for an interview, with my driver license, social security card, and references list. There will be some computer skills testing, followed by an interview. At some point they will also do a credit and background check, which of course I am not worried about.

Pray for me. Hopefully this will be our lifeline.

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a paying gig

I’m going to be knitting a pair of socks for an internet friend, and I’m getting paid for it!

I found these socks and just _had_ to make them. I got the yarn on Friday, and I’ve been working on them this weekend.

So last night a person from my online knitting community said she wanted a pair of those socks, and knew she didn’t have time to make them before the tulip festival in April. She was offering to pay 3x the cost of materials for the socks, and I took her offer. I’m so excited! It’s my first paid knitting job.

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